Have a treat

Rutte has sought out a number of exquisite combinations for you. Delicacies that match our products perfectly: a true culinary treat!

Rutte works with Dordrecht’s very best craftspeople, who share our passion for artisanal products.

Our options include (Prices include VAT):


Nuts, pretzels and cheese,
to satisfy your cravings during an afternoon tasting.

€ 5,- p.p.


Warm snacks and lovely,
luxury rolls, with a glass of milk or orange juice, after or before a tasting

€ 13,95


Assorted cheeses, specially selected to match the genevers, presented on a lovely board with nuts and fig bread.

€ 8,- p.p.


Handmade chocolates, specially selected to match the different liqueurs.

€ 8,- p.p.


Basque delicacies with fish, meat and/or vegetarian, made by a Spanish chef. Lunch (5 pieces) or order per piece.

€ 2,25 piece